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I trained as an actress and became a voiceover artist in 2019. Since then, I’ve lent my voice to around a hundred diverse projects: internal communication videos, e-learning, motion design, corporate or institutional videos, and even answering machines!

Looking for a female voiceover for your project?
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Justine Petitjean Comédienne voix-off

Recorded voice-over

I’ll record the voice-over for your project (corporate, advertising, audiobook, etc.) in my home studio. You send me your text and I’ll take care of the rest.

Voice-over in Live Session

If required, it is also possible to record live (remotely) via devices such as Source Connect or Zoom.


As I can imitate both boys and girls, I’m very attracted to the world of animation.

When to use a voice-over?

Corporate presentation, e-learning, internal videos, motion design, advertisements, radio, television, character voices for animated films or even video games.

I adapt to your needs to record my voice. I send you a cleaned file (to remove mouth noises and other parasitic noises) but I can also work in a live session. Finally, if it is for a dubbing project that you call me, I would be happy to work with you.

Corporate presentation

Corporates motion design

Enregistrement de voix pour des vidéos institutionnelles


Advertisements, radio or television

Enregistrement de voix pour Publicité, radio ou télévision


Character voices

Enregistrement de voix depersonnage


0,20 cts/mot
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
HQ audio file (.wav or .tiff)
Cleaned file
Background music (on request)
Revision included (no author changes)


Corporate, internal film, motion design, institutional films...
HQ audio file (.wav or .tiff)
Cleaned file
Revision included (no author changes)
Included broadcast rights

What does it cost ?

The price of a French female voiceover depends on your project and its broadcast. Find out what’s on offer and request a quote!


Who is behing that voice ?

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Years of experience
My name is Justine Petitjean and I’m 31 years old. After completing a professional acting course in Lyon (Acting Studio), I specialised in voice-over work. Ever since I was very young, I’ve been playing with my voice, whether by singing, which I’ve been doing since the age of 7, or by imitating different voices. Today, thanks to my experience with a wide range of clients, I continue to work on my voice every day. I have a home studio so I can work remotely with clients all over the world.

My clients

They needed a French female voice... they trusted me!

When I record my voice for commercials, in-house videos or answering machines, I always pay particular attention to my clients’ expectations. Even though I’ve made a lot of recordings for small projects, you may have heard me in one of the widely broadcast advertisements for these big brands.


News about my voice

LISTEN to my voice

Would you like a French female voice-over for your project?

You’ll find lots of recordings in the demo reel tab of this site that will give you a taste of my voice intonations. But if you want a quick overview of my work, I’ve selected a few soundtracks to give you a glimpse of the range of my skills.

But rest assured of one thing: if you want a female voice with a very specific intonation, you’ve come to the right place: contact me via my contact form or call me to explain your project.


Discover my profile on Voxing pro, Malt et CastingVOA


Professional equipment in my home studio

The excellence of a voice recording also depends on the quality of the equipment used. As I indicated above, it is quite possible for me to make recordings at home.

In this case, I send you the cleaned files (without mouth noise) ready for use. These recordings are made in my home studio, a room that I’ve had soundproofed so that the sound recording can capture all the nuances of the voice’s timbre while avoiding reverberations and other sound echoes. This balance is important because a room that is too soundproof could muffle the sound and erase the bursts of voice that are so important for delivering clear, dynamic messages.

Finally, I use an LCT 440 PURE diaphragm microphone and an Audiobox USB 96 external sound card, all tried and tested equipment. You can find all the equipment I use on my dedicated article.

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