Voice-over for a brand’s audio identity

What is a brand’s audio identity?

A brand’s sound identity can be made up of music, voice-over or both. Find out more below.

When we think of a brand’s identity, we often instinctively think of its visual, graphic logo. For example, if I say “Nike”, you think of the famous comma representing the famous sports brand.

However, we sometimes forget the brand’s audio identity. And yet it’s just as important for a brand, whatever its area of expertise. Sound identity could be described as an audio logo. This audio logo breaks down into two distinct things: the music used and the voice-over.

This can take the form of music composed especially for the brand, but also a voice-over that clearly states the brand name and/or slogan in a well-defined and recognisable way.

The effect of music on consumers has been studied on several occasions and in several situations. Music in advertising is one of them. Music creates emotion, and advertising seeks to arouse that emotion in consumers to encourage them to buy. There are ‘codes’ in advertising – both in terms of image and sound. For example, the music used for perfume or coffee adverts is always in the same style: something reminiscent of luxury, a grandiose, slow and ‘suspended’ universe.

Sound identities known to all

A sound logo takes the form of an audio jingle. Something short, recognisable by all. If it’s successful, it can even be “read”.

Here are a few examples of sound identities in print:

The brand can also use a voice-over to create its sound identity. In this case, the music/jingle and the voice-over are completely independent of each other. The sound identity may consist solely of an audio jingle, solely of a voice-over, or a mixture of the two.

When a brand decides to create its sound identity using a voice-over, it is essential that the voice is in keeping with the brand. The voice will represent the brand as a whole in the same way as a visual logo. With the advent of audio media such as podcasts, YouTube videos and connected speakers like Alexa or Google, brands are increasingly turning to the creation of a sound identity that is specific to their brand image.

There are an infinite number of ways to create a sound logo, and several companies offer to do it for your brand, such as Getasound.

What happens at the check-in and briefing?

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Getasound to do the voice-over for the brand identity of ‘Nunka‘, a brand of craft beer from Bordeaux created by Bernard Magrez.

Having already worked with Getasound, they had already listened to my demo tape several times and suggested it to the client.

When we first got in touch, Getasound explained to me the dynamic we were looking for in this new brand: a dynamic, young female voice that inspires freshness.

They also told me about the company’s values, which are sharing, passion, pleasure and creativity, as well as the core target audience: men and women aged between 18 and 35. They wanted to keep the craft spirit of their beer, the local feel, but not make it something old-fashioned.

At the same time, a musical jingle was being composed.

I recorded three different iterations of the slogan:

Nunka, l’artisanale de Bordeaux… The creative beer“.

The deadline for this project was fairly tight. As the voice-over is often the last element to be added to the project, companies sometimes have very tight deadlines. So I adapt to everyone’s needs in terms of deadlines.

As the brief for this project was very detailed and clear, it wasn’t difficult to understand what the client wanted.

The client for Nunka beer was happy with the three versions I sent them. So they mixed the voice-over with the musical jingle to finalise the sound identity, which you can find below.

Nunka Sound Logo (voix : Justine Petitjean)

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