Corporate french voice over

The corporate voice over

The institutional voiceover is a voice that could be described as serious and professional. It is not promotional or cartoonish. Its purpose is to present a company or to communicate internally within the company. The voice must therefore correspond to the company’s image. 

Below you can find excerpts of french corporate women’s voice-overs that I have recorded over the past few years. 


Yoobic is a digital platform for communication between different sectors within a company. The client wanted a dynamic and young voice, just like the platform. I recorded this project in 2020.


This video, recorded by OKWind, has been shown at energy fairs. It is aimed at anyone responsible for wastewater treatment plants. The tone was meant to be explanatory.


Patrowl aims to protect businesses from cybercrime. The client asked for a “worried” tone at the beginning of the video, and a more reassuring one in the second part, to echo how their clients feel when they call on them.

ECAM Rennes

When I recorded this video for ECAM Rennes (general engineering school), the student fairs were cancelled due to Covid-19. So, in order to present their school to future baccalaureate students, ECAM Rennes decided to turn to the digital format. Here I am playing the role of a student from this school, answering questions and talking about her experience.

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