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For the past two weeks I’ve been lucky enough to do a voice-over course at the Ecole de la Voix. 

A team of speakers in a beautiful setting, and that’s it! The training is very complete. From the theory of how our voice instrument works to practice at the microphone and simulated sessions, I now have all the keys in hand to continue to work and launch myself as a voice-over artist. 

By the way, I’ve been talking about voice-overs since the beginning of this article, but do you know the difference between voice-overs and dubbing? No, it’s not the same thing!

Dubbing is simply replacing the actor’s voice (in fiction, documentary, or other) by the translated voice (for us, in French). It is for example the French voice of your favourite series! 

Voice-overs are, for example, all commercial voices (TV or radio), narration voices, documentary voices (those who tell you that there is still hope for the Earth, for example). But it can also be cartoon voices!

So what I was trained in this week was voice-over. And I really enjoyed it! We even had an introduction to dubbing, and that made me want to learn that too. It’s a real discovery!

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